5 Eye-Opening Saudi Arabia Documentaries about the World’s Most Notorious Nation

Few countries are as mysterious, controversial, and unique as Saudi Arabia and even fewer have been able to sidestep their disturbing practices because of their political and economic power…but Saudi Arabia has. 

This country has a mesmerizing landscape, in the heart of the Arabian peninsula and partially covered by sandy desert. But the natural beauty of this kingdom is overshadowed by their notorious poor treatment of women, who receive no rights as adults and very little protection.

From burqas and polygamy to torture and servitude, Saudi citizens are at the mercy of the monarchy who have complete control over Saudi rule. 

This nation rarely allows cameras beyond its borders, so documentaries about Saudi Arabia are hard to come by, but that only makes these more enticing and important to watch.

Sit back and get ready to be shocked.  These Saudi documentaries are ones you’ll never forget!  

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These shocking documentaries about Saudi Arabia will fuel your curiosity about their treatment of women, devout religion, and spectacular wildlife and terrain.

Saudi Arabia Uncovered

Saudi Arabia Uncovered provides that glimpse into Saudi Arabia that we all crave – how women are treated, the level of control the monarchy has, and the way most families live their lives.

But this Saudi Arabia documentary also delves into the controversial relationship this Middle Eastern country has with Western nations like the US and Great Britain…which is one of the disturbing reasons they aren’t held accountable for any of their actions.

Because Saudi Arabia forbids film crews within its borders, this is one of the few Saudi documentaries to show actual footage of life within this secretive monarchy.

This is a must-see Netflix documentary about Saudi Arabia, so definitely add it to your queue!

One Day in the Haram

Behind the controversy surrounding Saudi Arabia is a devout religion with fascinating practices and One Day in the Haram provides an amazing glimpse into one of the most sacred places for Muslims – the Haram in Mecca.

This area is a central focus for Muslims that are participating in the annual pilgrimage and it sees millions of visitors a year.

The devout nature of this building, the care that goes into it, and the reverence that its visitors clearly display is extremely fascinating and provides a perspective of Saudi Arabia, and Muslims, that is often overshadowed. 

This is the perfect Saudi Arabia documentary to watch if you’re interested in the country or religion, but don’t want a strong focus on the less savory aspects of this region.  

It’s definitely a good one to add to your queue!

Escape from Saudi

Escape from Saudi is both inspiring and heart-wrenching as you hear multiple stories of women trying to escape from Saudi Arabia…an offense that is illegal, as women are required to have permission from their male guardian at all times. 

Escaping from their own country is hard enough, but one of the biggest obstacles these women face is getting to the right people first as they enter new countries to claim asylum.

Some women succeed and receive the freedom they can’t have in Saudi Arabia…others are captured and never heard from again.

This Saudi Arabia documentary does a great job highlighting the country’s most controversial issue – male guardianship – and the devastating consequences for women who are unlucky enough to fall under the care of a man that doesn’t care about her. 

Saudi Women’s Driving School

Saudi Women’s Driving School dives into one of Saudi Arabia’s most notorious issues: their treatment of women.  

This documentary follows a group of women as they embark on an entirely new experience – driving…a right they didn’t receive until 2017.

Through this one life-changing event, you get an idea of what life is like for some Saudi women, as well as the positive snowballing effect that it is having for them within the country (and the world).

This is a great documentary about Saudi Arabia that is both eye-opening and frustrating…but captivating from start to finish!  Definitely add it to your queue. 

Wild Arabia

Wild Arabia is an amazing nature documentary about Saudi Arabia and the surrounding countries on the Arabian peninsula.  

This desert area has some of the most unique creatures and beautiful terrain that are often overshadowed by the country’s notorious reputation. 

But the area itself is truly stunning and the history behind its people is extremely fascinating. 

This is a surprisingly enjoyable documentary about Saudi Arabia that is both interesting and enjoyable.

It’s perfect for a relaxing evening or weekend where you want to learn about something without too much intensity.

I hope you get a chance to watch each of these documentaries about Saudi Arabia!  This is such a fascinating area with a lot of devastation and controversy, but also beauty and intrigue. Enjoy!

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These eye-opening Saudi Arabia documentaries will shock and intrigue you from start to finish.  From their controversial treatment of women to their beautiful terrain and devout religion. there's something for everyone!