6 Cult Documentaries that Will Leave You Shocked and Bewildered

There are some things that all cult documentaries have in common. A charismatic leader, an isolated group of people, inevitable inappropriate behavior, and often a bizarre belief that ties them all together. But there’s something even more bizarre that makes all of these cult documentaries addictive must-watch films.  Maybe it’s the insane devotion of the […]

These documentaries for entrepreneurs will completely transform your new business and bring you your next great idea! Time to update your Netflix queue!

The Absolute Best Documentaries for Entrepreneurs

As a fellow entrepreneur, I know the value of instant inspiration and the unbelievable power of an AH-HA moment.  So to give you that boost, I’ve spent countless hours finding the absolute best documentaries for entrepreneurs…ones that will totally skyrocket your success and give you your next great idea. Every documentary on this list is […]

The Mask You Live In is possibly the best parenting documentary for families with boys. So if you have a son or even a nephew, this is a must-watch!

The Mask You Live In Documentary Review

We all want our boys to grow up to be respectful and happy adults.  Men that love their children and spouses, feel confident, and love themselves.  But are we unknowingly putting extreme pressure on them to be the very opposite? What hidden messages is society sending us when it comes to raising our boys? The […]

These Netflix Docu-Series are the best documentaries out there!

The 8 Best Netflix Docuseries to Move to the Top of Your Queue

Do you love documentaries so much you wish they lasted forever?  It seems most of us do and Netflix has caught on, creating some really unbelievable docuseries that give you a serious documentary fix over an extended period of time. In fact, some of these documentary series are so unbelievable, they keep finding their way […]

Wild Wild Country Documentary Review

Deep in the countryside of 1980’s Oregon, a community was building. It was one of free love, joy, happiness…and a little mass poisoning for the neighbor folk.  But that’s only part of the story profiled in Wild Wild Country, Netflix’s newest cult docu-series. From cult life to the takeover of Antelope, Oregon, you’ll get every […]

Agnelli. Billionaire, businessman, and Italian fashion playboy. This biographical documentary will inspire and move you.

Agnelli Documentary Review

There is nothing more inspiring and intense than to watch and experience the lives and lifestyles of the world’s super elite.  This documentary is about one such billionaire, Gianni Agnelli. Or, as the locals informally call him, L’Avvacato. As one of the premier billionaire playboys and influencers of the 20th century, Agnelli promises to take […]

The Magic Pill is a different food documentary that profiles the ketogenic and paleo diets that are high-fat and meat-based. The results are shocking and inspiring! This is a great documentary to watch!

The Magic Pill: A Different Kind of Food Documentary

When I saw The Magic Pill show up in my Netflix feed, I was so excited for another highly-rated food documentary.  Even when they provide the same information, these documentaries often have different perspectives or unique little facts.   Except that The Magic Pill isn’t like other food documentaries.  In fact, it’s almost the complete […]