These rare disease documentaries profile unbelievable genetic disorders and chronic illnesses that have had devastating effects on the lives of those afflicted with them.

The Best Documentaries about Rare Diseases & Medical Mysteries

Health documentaries about rare diseases and medical mysteries can be captivating and interesting, while also being shocking and gut wrenching. The world of those living with chronic illnesses, genetic disorders, and rare diseases is so different than the world we live in, which is what makes these documentaries so fascinating and intriguing. Some of these […]

These religion documentaries are the perfect flick to fuel your curiosity! Bizarre rituals, faith-altering scandals, and family estrangements are just a few of the topics discussed in these documentaries about Mormonism, Scientology, Catholicism, and Judaism.

4 Documentaries about Religion that Will Fuel Your Curiosity

Religion documentaries are always fascinating, especially in a world where there are just so many!  From Catholicism and Judaism to Mormonism and Scientology, this list features unique perspectives into some of the world’s most popular and secretive religions. Some of these documentaries about religion profile faith-altering scandals, others provide hope for change…and others will just […]

These new documentaries of 2018 will totally blow your mind and leave you wanting more. There's true crime, biographies, inspiration, and of course a few docuseries.

The Best New Documentaries of 2018

2018 has given us some of the best new documentaries that we’ve ever seen – and there’s still more coming! With companies like Netflix, HBO, and Hulu jumping in to compete, new documentaries are popping up every few weeks and some of them are just amazing. We’ve gathered this list of the best new documentaries […]

These are by far the best HBO documentaries and there's definitely something for everyone! True crime, bizarre plots, amazing biographies, and even rare diseases. If you're considering an HBO subscription, the documentaries alone may make it worth it!

The Best HBO Documentaries that You Can Stream Right Now

HBO has a reputation for creating some unbelievable shows and their original HBO documentaries are no exception!  With access to amazing people, truly gifted film-makers, and a drive to push the limits, these documentaries are some of the best out there. Of all premium networks, none have produced as many documentaries as HBO and they’ve […]

These documentaries for entrepreneurs will completely transform your new business and bring you your next great idea! Time to update your Netflix queue!

The Absolute Best Documentaries for Entrepreneurs

As a fellow entrepreneur, I know the value of instant inspiration and the unbelievable power of an AH-HA moment.  So to give you that boost, I’ve spent countless hours finding the absolute best documentaries for entrepreneurs…ones that will totally skyrocket your success and give you your next great idea. Every documentary on this list is […]

The Mask You Live In is possibly the best parenting documentary for families with boys. So if you have a son or even a nephew, this is a must-watch!

The Mask You Live In Documentary Review

We all want our boys to grow up to be respectful and happy adults.  Men that love their children and spouses, feel confident, and love themselves.  But are we unknowingly putting extreme pressure on them to be the very opposite? What hidden messages is society sending us when it comes to raising our boys? The […]

These Netflix Docu-Series are the best documentaries out there!

The 10 Best Netflix Docuseries to Move to the Top of Your Queue

Do you love documentaries so much you wish they lasted forever?  It seems most of us do and Netflix has caught on, creating some really unbelievable docuseries that give you a serious documentary fix over an extended period of time. In fact, some of these documentary series are so unbelievable, they keep finding their way […]