Desert Runners is one of the greatest running documentaries out there. You honestly won't believe what the human body is capabl of after watching this film!

Desert Runners Documentary Review

If you’re new to running documentaries (or any type of running media, for that matter), you’re probably wondering how anything about running can be exciting.  I mean, we all do it. Some people love it, some people hate it…but really, running is pretty plain and boring, right? Wrong. At least, wrong for the extreme athletes […]

These are some of the best documentaries to watch, yet somehow most people have never heard of them! If you're looking for a new documentary to excite you, this list is for you!

5 Amazing Documentaries that You’ve Never Heard Of

Every now and then we come across amazing documentaries that came out of nowhere.  No one seems to be talking about them and they aren’t falling on anyone’s Best Of lists.  We’re intrigued, but not necessarily expecting much, and then WOW. They end up being fabulous. These are those documentaries.  The ones that are really […]

These are the best food documentaries on Netflix and Amazon Prime and ALL of them have the ability to completely change the way you eat.

7 Food Documentaries that Will Completely Change the Way You Eat

Of all the influential documentaries out there, none are as powerful as the growing list of food documentaries that have the power to instantly change the way you eat and shop for your food.  These documentaries have exposed serious health risks, animal abuses, small farmer exploitation, and even political corruption. They’ve also provided evidence of […]

A review of the weird and bizarre documentary Finders Keepers. Two men and a custody battle over an amputated leg are the perfect setting for this bizarre documentary.

Finders Keepers – A Bizarre Documentary Review

Every once in awhile, extremely weird circumstances find themselves in the hands of extremely weird people.  And when those circumstances and people find themselves a film crew, a truly bizarre documentary is born. That is exactly what happened with Finders Keepers – the story of John Wood, his amputated leg, and Shannon Whisnant, a man […]

Vaxxed is a controversial documentary linking MMR vaccine to autism

Vaxxed Documentary Review

Simply jaw dropping.  Vaxxed is a controversial documentary that will not only tug on your heartstrings but will simply blow your mind on the possibility that our government could fail us so miserably. Public safety and protection is one of the fundamental functions of any government.  But when an explosive increase in autism cases arose, […]

The Best Documentaries on Netflix that You Can Watch Right Now

Looking for the best documentaries on Netflix?  We’ve got you covered. Over the years, Netflix has done a great job of building up a solid inventory of amazing documentaries and recently they’ve even delved into the documentary business themselves. In doing so, they’ve put out some outstanding films – ones you can only view as […]

A drug documentary or sports documentary? Where corruption and sports meet.


After watching this documentary, it won’t be hard to picture Olympic sports turning into an organization like the WWE.  One of entertainment, not reality.  But, will the downfall of international sports be that of systematic criminal activity?  Could one of the largest countries in the world be responsible for the downturn of public faith in […]