Forks over Knives…Get Ready to Change the Way You Eat

In the world of documentaries, you have some that offer a glimpse into a new world, idea, or lifestyle.  Some aim to chronicle a real-life story with the hope of providing pure entertainment. And then there are those that aim to completely change your life. They provide facts so compelling, you can’t deny them. Anecdotal evidence that is hard to believe. They uncover truths that have been hidden or ignored by the general public.  This is Forks over Knives.

Prepare to change the way you eat…even if it’s just tucked away in the back of your mind.

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This food documentary will completely change the way you eat and take care of your body!


Forks over Knives: The Background

Forks over Knives follows a few different intertwining storylines, but two main characters lead the charge: Dr. Ethelstein and Dr. Campbell. These men have spent their lives studying the effects of plant-based diets and their research and studies provide the backdrop for much of this film.

But to put it simply, Forks over Knives aims to prove that the healthiest lifestyle is one that is plant-based. In other words, no meat or dairy of any kind.

And we’re not just talking about healthy skin and shedding a few pounds.  We’re talking about eliminating cardiovascular disease and many cancers…and in some instances, actually reversing damage that has already done.

It’s shocking, to say the least.

In addition to studies and research, a slew of men and women that have drastically changed their lifestyles through diet are profiled.  These stories add an important element of humanity to the heavy amount of facts provided in this documentary.


What Makes Forks over Knives Unique

As is the case in similar documentaries, Forks over Knives focuses on many of the evils attributed to the consumption of meat and poultry. But there are two factors that really differentiate Forks over Knives from the pack: the facts and milk.


The Facts

The statistics, case studies, and pure facts provided by this documentary is unmatched in the world of documentaries.  Some of the studies span decades!  One of the most compelling case studies I’ve ever seen was brought to me by Forks over Knives: the immediate and measurable effect of a meat-eating community completely losing it’s livestock – and thus, it’s meat supply.



Meat’s effect on our health isn’t exactly revolutionary. We all know bacon is bad for us and we should opt for fish over steak. But milk and other dairy products have typically found themselves on the healthy side of the what-should-we-eat battle.

But not according to Forks over Knives.

This documentary is clear in it’s message – milk is doing more harm than good. Again, with statistics and anecdotal evidence behind them, Dr. Campbell and Dr. Ethelstein lay out the various reasons to completely cut dairy from your diet.


The Verdict

The truth? I wish that I could make everyone watch Forks over Knives.  I’d also love to find out just how factual everything is because there’s always a certain amount of bias in these kind of lifestyle-altering documentaries.

However, the statistics and data provided in Forks over Knives go well beyond those provided in most other here’s-what-you’re-really-eating documentaries. You can’t deny some of these facts.

Bottom line – Forks over Knives holds the potential to completely change the way you think about food, your health, and how you treat your body.  Not everyone will buy into their message, but I promise you, most will.

This is one to watch, folks!  Time to update your movie queue!


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This documentary will completely change the way you eat and take care of your body! It shines a light on the plant-based diet and the harm that meat and dairy can do to your body.