8 Food Documentaries that Will Completely Change the Way You Eat

Of all the influential documentaries out there, none are as powerful as the growing list of food documentaries that have the power to instantly change the way you eat and shop for your food.  These documentaries have exposed serious health risks, animal abuses, small farmer exploitation, and even political corruption. They’ve also provided evidence of food’s healing power, the ways it can be used to cure and prevent illness, and how easy diet changes can have lifelong positive effects.

These food documentaries WILL change the way you eat and live your life.  It’s nearly impossible for them not to! They’re just that compelling.

So if you’re ready for life to get a whole lot better, cozy up and add these food documentaries to the top of your Netflix queue:

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These documentaries about food and health will totally blow your mind and leave you shocked at what we don't know about our own food and bodies.


Food, Inc.

Food, Inc. is one of the oldest of the food documentaries, yet it may have the most timeless and powerful message of all – each one of us has a right and a responsibility to know where our food comes from.

With a strong focus on animal and farm worker mistreatment, Food, Inc. uncovers some very startling and disturbing truths about where our food comes from and what happens to it during the production process.

It also takes a look at the mega-corporations that are gaining more and more control over each and every step of the food production process, including the laws and policies that are meant to regulate those very industries.

If you’re interested in your health, where your food comes from, or public policy, this documentary needs to find its way onto your watch list!

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Forks over Knives

At some point, you’ve undoubtedly seen or heard horror stories of where your meat came from.  But the to-eat-it-or-not question extends well beyond the treatment of animals. Our health, according to Forks over Knives, is seriously jeopardized when we consume meat.

Not only that, but meat is only the beginning.  All animal byproducts (milk, eggs, butter) have the same or similar detrimental effects to our health.

What really makes Forks over Knives a documentary worth watching is not just the extreme viewpoint, it’s the immense amount of facts they provide to back up their claim – statistics, case studies, and anecdotal evidence.

This documentary is a game-changer.  It will be hard not to think differently after you’ve watched this one!

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Fed Up

Fed Up is an extremely powerful food documentary with a focus on something possibly more important than our own health: the health of our children.

This documentary lays out the devastating effects of the diet our youngest generation is consuming – a diet that may make this generation the first to not live as long as their parents did.

Even more disturbing than how we feed our own children is how our school systems feed them.  We depend on schools to do what is in the best interest of the children they serve, but it seems that many are forced to serve a different client – the mega-industries that just want to profit from their low quality food products.

Fed Up will not only change the way you eat and shop, it will change the way you feed your children.


The Magic Pill

If you can’t handle another vegan documentary, then The Magic Pill is for you.

Examining a high-fat, meat-based diet (like the popular paleo and keto diets), The Magic Pill debunks a lot of common myths….like maybe meat is actually really good for us.

It provides a lot of fact-based scientific research, as well as anecdotal evidence, that shows just how powerful this lifestyle can be.

Whether you’re a meat-eater or a vegan, this food documentary is a true eye-opener and important for everyone to watch.

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What the Health

What the Health is another extremely powerful documentary that will completely change the way you eat.  

In addition to showcasing the undeniable (and unbelievable) benefits of a plant-based diet, What the Health focuses on the startling control that pharmaceutical companies and food industries have over the nonprofits that are set up to help us.

This documentary uncovers some really unsettling facts that you’ll be glad to know.



Rotten is a new Netflix original docu-series with a focus on our food, where it comes from, and who is affected by its production.

Each episode focuses on one specific industry, so you get into the nitty-gritty of products you otherwise may not be able to find information on, like honey, garlic, chickens, peanut, and cod.

This food documentary provides a really interesting perspective, with a strong focus on the farmers that are affected by mass production of these crops and animals, which is a factor that we often forget when we’re trying to decide what to eat.

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Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead

Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead is a great food documentary with a focus on a little-known aspect of healthy eating: juicing.

Joe Cross, the man featured in this film, completely changed his life by juicing fruits and vegetables.  So much so that he now completely dedicates his life to introducing this healthy lifestyle to people in desperate need of help.

Juicing not only helps to manage weight, but it provides an opportunity to supercharge your body with all of the nutrients that fruits and vegetables hold.

If you haven’t seen this food documentary, add it to your watch list.  You’ll be glad you did!


Hungry for Change

It’s really unbelievable just how many influential food documentaries are out there, but Hungry for Change is yet another one that will completely change how you eat.

The focus of this food documentary is on sugar and the deception we all face when attempting to purchase what we believe is healthy food in the grocery store.

Instead, what we really get are “food-like products”…items that really aren’t food at all!

Hungry for Change is packed full of scary facts and really shows just how harmful the wrong kind of food can be.

The food documentary will no doubt change the way you eat and shop for food.


I hope these food documentaries change your life for the better!  They are all worth adding to your watch list, so cozy up and enjoy. 🙂


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These documentaries about food and health will completely blow your mind! There is so much that we don't know about our food and the way it's prepared. All of these films are a must-watch.


Inspirational quote from Hungry for Change about how to way food production is completely changing our diets and lifestyles.