Food Inc: The Documentary that Started a Revolution

It’s been over 10 years since Food, Inc. entered the world, yet still the message seems to be timeless and relevant.  This documentary is powerful. You will, without a doubt, think different about the food you eat, if not completely change how you eat after watching this.

Food, Inc. was one of the first documentaries about food to be released and not only does it do an amazing job laying out it’s points and message, the production of the film itself is high-quality, so there’s not the slightest feeling that you’re watching a low-budget, biased documentary as many of its predecessors seem to do.

Food, Inc. is one to watch!  If you don’t have time to see it now, at least add it to your queue!

Here’s what’s in store:

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Food Inc is one of the first and most powerful food documentaries to enter the mainstream. It's one that everyone should be watching!


Food, Inc: What It’s About

Food, Inc. has a very clear message: you should know where your food comes from, who produced it, and how they produced it.

That message takes on a life of its own through focusing on some of the largest (and most deceptive) industries and mega-corporations that create, engineer, and grow our food: beef, chicken, corn, and seeds.  

There is a strong focus on the poor treatment of not only the animals that have the misfortune of finding themselves in these slaughterhouses, but the workers who are increasingly being exploited as jobs become simpler, lower paying, and less available.

To add insult to injury, the focus on efficiency and economies of scale seems to have lowered the quality of our food, not only through added chemicals and genetically-modified components, but from deadly bacteria that now contaminates our food at an increasing rate.  

The threat of contamination, as well as the mistreatment of animals and workers, is presented in a such a gut-wrenching manner that you truly may find it hard not to cry.  

Food, Inc. is really that powerful.  Be ready to have your heart strings pulled to their limit.


Politics and Laws Governing Our Food

Aside from the emotional appeal, there is a lot of focus on the laws (or lack there of) that govern our food, as well as the laws that protect those that produce it – which, nowadays, is a shockingly small number of multinational corporations.    

Monsanto’s control over seeds, Tyson’s exploitation of chicken workers, and the beef industry’s insane power over free speech are all covered – and worth knowing about.


Should You Watch Food, Inc.?

I probably don’t need to say it again, but I will, just in case:  You need to watch Food, Inc.

Even if you don’t buy into it or change the way you eat, you should at least know these things.

Which is exactly the point of Food, Inc. – we all have a responsibility and right to know where our food came from, who produced it, and how it was created and cared for.   


If you’re still on the fence, check out the trailer for a sneak peak:


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Food Inc is an extremely powerful food documentary that everyone should see! It is one of the first health documentaries to enter the mainstream and for good reason - it's amazing!